Parrots for sale- Various Species Available-Tamed,

Parrots for sale- Various Species Available-Tamed,

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Now available in stock are the following live parrots and birds for sale. We also have chicks from 1 day old up to 60 days old available in stock.Our parrots are free from the bird flu and vet checked. They are tamed and hand raised. They can serve as good pets and companions. We are license to export parrots and eggs to Europe, Asia, America, United Arab Emirates, Oceania, Middle East. Our parrots are transported in secured cages and live parrots boxes. We also have available fertile parrots eggs for sale. Below are the species of parrots we have available.
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whatsapp : +17193579832

-African Grey Parrots
-Macaw Parrots

-Amazon Parrots.

-Emu -Love Birds.


-Electus Parrots.

-Senegal Parrots



-Hawk Headed Parrots. Etc

You have come to the right place, where we have the right parrot pet for you. We have babies, young and adult parrots ready. In our many years of experience we specialized in breeding exotic birds of superb qualities. Our parrot birds are great talkative and can sing well. Vet check, updated in all shots. We have tame and friendly parrots in large varieties such as macaw parrots, African grey parrot, cockatoo, Amazon parrots, Conure Parrots, Ostrich birds & fresh parrot eggs with 100% guarantee or your money back. Our parrots have the ability to adapt to new people and new environment. Contact us.

Website :
whatsapp : +17193579832
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